Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine Day!

Alicia Keys & Leona Lewis Don't They Look A like??

Is it just me or does Leona Lewis look like Alicia Keys? They have a very similar appearance it's a little creepy. Watch Leona Lewis Video "Bleeding Love"! I also included a video of Alicia Keys..what do you think!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Britney "Not the Celebrity" But Britney "The Mom"

Ok! This tme her doctor arranged for her to be admitted into the hospital for help...whatever! Quite honestly, I feel both bad and annoyed with Britney. She has children and yes life can get stressful but she needs to remember that she needs to put herself last and her kids first...maybe she should take a break from men altogether and concentrate on Britney "Not the Celebrity" but Britney "The Mom".

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

53 Year Old Mom Uses Black Belt Defense...

Omg! Watching the evening news, a mom who happens to have a black belt in Marshall arts restrains a twenty year old male who thought that he could get away with robbing her house. This is not only embarrassing for him but funny...

*Watch Video*

What Do Gas and Food Have in Common?

Did you know that food has increased about 6% due to the increase in gas? Did you also know that there is an increase in ethanol which is made from corn?

Celebrity Kiefer Sutherland...48 Days in Jail Served

What on earth is going on with celebrities? Snipes is facing possible jail time over tax evasion...Kiefer Sutherland just finished his 48 Day sentence for DUI...and is on 5 years of probation. Is serving jail time a new look for celebrities? Instead of a new Bentley now they compare prison stripes...

Osama Bin Laden's Son 'Omar' Speaks!

I find it kind of ironic that suddenly, Omar, which is Bin Laden's son, is interviewed the same year as the Presidential election. What is that? On the CW11, Omar was asked what he thought about his father's 'so-called' acts of terrorism. He basically said that he does not view his father as a terrorist because his objective is to carry out duties from his creator. I guarantee that sooner than later, the presidential candidates will be questioned about the sudden appearance of Omar, Bin Laden's son.